Carizza Will Be at JCK Las Vegas!

*Please note this event is not open to the public!*
Whether you are a fan of jewelry or Jewelry expert, the JCK Las Vegas convention is one of the most significant jewelry events in the world you don’t want to miss! Shah Carizza is one of the exhibitors, with their own booth, who will bring the most gorgeous jewelry pieces, professionally designed to showcase to the world.
What is JCK Las Vegas?
JCK Las Vegas is the leading jewelry event in North America open to all jewelry professionals. Each year, the industry gathers where the latest awe-inspiring domestic and international designers. All these most sought-after trends are showcased in a secure environment.
What Can You Expect from JCK Las Vegas?
If you are a jeweler, in JCK Las Vegas, you can find the newest trends of jewelry design, connect with other jewelry professionals, discover other jewelry brands, and meet your potential customers face to face! If you are fans of jewelry, you will be surprised with fantastic designs, learn from complimentary jewelry education sessions, and explore more jewelry brands for your next purchase! The JCKLas Vegas convention will be held at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas from June 1st to June 4th. Mark those days in your calendar now. Come, make sure to stop by, and meet Carizza in JCK Las Vegas!